We are a wife and husband team creating, crafting, 3d modeling, and designing unique items. All handmade or hand designed. We are always looking for something new to make. While we are always improving on our current skills and craft, we also are always expanding our possibilities. We enjoy making, and even more we enjoy putting a smile on our customers face when they receive a product made by us. None of the items we produce are mass produced, in fact most of our products are made to order, including the ones we sell on our Etsy store. All items are made with our hands, our minds, and our creativity. While we strive for perfection, handmade does come with minor dimples and defects, all making your item unique. Even if it is an item that we have pre-designed. We do offer a quality guarantee, we put our name on it because we stand behind the things we make. If you’re not satisfied contact us and we will do what we can to make you happy that you chose Flinchbaugh Designs.

Some of the customized to you services that we offer are stainless steel tumblers, 3d printing, 3d modeling, 3d scanning, shirts and sweatshirts, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, die cutting, woodworking, and more.