Looking for a design, part, or prototype that you cannot find anywhere on the market? We offer cad modeling along with printing services. We utilize applications such as Fusion 360, and Zbrush to model both geometric, as well as organic shapes. We can help cheaply prototype a design you are working on. Replace broken, lost, damaged parts to items and equipment around your house or business to save you money on costly repairs. Have an emergency and need a part, we’ve modeled and printed parts that have kept equipment running until the factory part has arrived, or in some cases in situations where parts are no longer available.

One other advantage is being able to customize an item. We can take measurements of an item you have to add parts onto it. One example of this is we have designed a cellphone charge for mobility carts, that mounts to the basket and plugs into the factory charging port on motorized wheel chairs. This allows the user to charge, in this case, up to 4 usb powered devices, including quick charge 3.0 compatible devices. This product did not exist until we created it, custom for a customer.

We offer printing services, as well as digital download so you can print or manufacture yourself.

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